“The lips of a woman are the most beautiful gateway to her soul.” (Chinese proverb)

Sensual nuru massage

A dim light pervades the room, tea lights create a warm atmosphere. Almost impatiently you unzip my form-fitting short dress, stripping me free, gripping me tight. I’m wearing nothing underneath. I quickly begin to undress you. We slip into the warm rain shower and soap each other sensually. You caress my firm, shapely breasts with your tongue and your hands, satisfying me with every touch. My hard nipples lean towards you as I take a gentle but firm grip and begin to play with your clearly excited manhood. We kiss passionately, our tongues playing with each other. A little while later we make our way towards the bed. We have barely dried off and are still a little moist as I begin my body-to-body massage.

You lie stretched out on your stomach as I spread the warm, slippery nuru gel all over your body. I lie on top of you, covering you completely with my breasts, my stomach, my hips, the most intimate parts of my body having the most amount of skin contact with yours. I begin to glide up and down on you, slowly at first, then faster and faster. The nuru gel is as slippery as soap, our bodies rubbing against each other intensely. Occasionally I’ll let my hand glide between your legs and massage your manhood. I feel the excitement in you rise. You turn on to your back and I can see the passion in your eyes. I continue to glide on you, turn on my other side, which makes you even more excited. You massage my breasts, my rear and my clitoris, the centre of my lust. In your everyday life, you have to act a certain way, carry a certain responsibility but now you can take refuge in my gentle care, let yourself fall and be free, and be led away by my passion and desire. Passion overwhelms us, we purge all thoughts from our body, and give ourselves completely to one another. At this moment nobody else exists, just the two of us, everything else is insignificant.

Eventually we wake up from this dream, exhausted but consumed with a deep satisfaction. When we finally return to the here and now, we enter the warm rain shower one more time and enjoy some final tender moments in each other’s arms.

Our first rendezvous

After a drink at the hotel bar to get to know each other a little better, we approach the elevator. While we wait for it, we look deeply into each other’s eyes and feel our rising desire. We can hardly wait to be alone. When the elevator door closes, our lips meet for hot and wild French kisses. I tenderly put my arms around your neck. You encompass my waist, one hand to my rear, the other to my strong breasts. I feel your desire and I too can hardly contain myself. Finally the elevator stops and we hurry up to the room.

We kiss passionately. You undo my blouse and I open your shirt with trembling fingers. You remove my blouse and skirt and I stand only with my black lingerie in front of you. I feel your moist, hot kisses on my neck and cleavage, your hands all over my body. You undo my bra with a single fast grasp and release me. You throw me onto the bed and kneel over me. I open your trousers and can see how much you want me. You push my trembling body onto the bed and hold my hands beside my head. My desire rises more and more, my body shouts “take me!” I stroke your maleness wildly for a while and at the same time very tenderly with my lips and tongue.

You go down my body giving hot kisses to my most sensitive spot. Your tongue teases – quickly and slowly but always tenderly – bringing me to the edge and back over and over again. After a seemingly endless time you release me and I fall exhausted into the pillows. After a short break I begin to give my attention to your lust, taking my time to indulge you intensely with my mouth. Finally I want to feel you inside me and I give myself completely to your desire.
Sweaty and exhausted but totally satisfied, we fall back into the linen and cuddle close together side by side. After showering together, I dress and say ‘goodbye’ with one final French kiss and in the hope of seeing you again soon.